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The trinal aspect to Leo and Aries will support growing popularity toward sports and athletic super-hero worship which will suddenly be crushed with peaks in absurd salaries as Jupiter moves into Capricorn in December On an emotional level, Jupiter in Sagittarius encourages us to expand our minds, accept the broader fabric of humanity and to develop our faith that things will work out.

Saturn in Sagittarius has been constricting that energy and when Saturn leaves Sagittarius in January and Jupiter gets fully there without restriction, humanitarian values should grow. Jupiter in Sagittarius will expand our sense of joy and hope and help us to search deeper for our true moral fiber so that we can restore faith and justice in the world. The US is a Sagittarius rising country July 4, , pm, Philadelphia and as Jupiter goes over the US ascendant in December , the US should have a rebirth of status and image and a restoring of our place in the world.

Until then, with Jupiter in Scorpio, it is still mired in a twelfth house transit and caught in the murky waters of the swamp.

DHANU Rashi -Sagittarius - वार्षिक राशिफल (April 2019 to March 2020) Yearly Horoscope - Vaibhav Vyas

Maybe truth and justice will be restored to the US infrastructure with this transit. Jupiter is extravagant by nature so keep your credit cards at home when those sales emerge and remember moderation and avoid reckless spending. Jupiter will support generosity so use the energy to do more service work and contribute to more charities. The Galactic Center at 3 degrees Sagittarius supports truth and whistle-blowers so expect that November and December , when Jupiter is conjunct this key area that major revelations around corruption will be exposed and be very clear to the public.

Sagittarius is connected to hips and Gemini to lungs. Saturn in Sagittarius has been hurting these areas for many and Jupiter to the rescue in will be supportive and finally Saturn in Capricorn will bring relief to all the growing knee problems. Jupiter in Sagittarius will support teaching and counseling and maybe our abused and underpaid educational system will finally get a lift in salaries and infusion of finance after years of crises.

See how Jupiter in Sagittarius will impact you?

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January 2020 Astrology Predictions – Part One

Date of transit — 5 November The one of the many reasons is the highest number of benefic points in the Ashtakvarga system. Jupiter can owns 56 points out of in ashtakvarga. Sagittarius comes at number 9 and pisces comes at 12th position in the zodiac circle. It is endowed with intelligence and is learned in all the Shastras.

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During the course of this Jupiter transit Guru Gochar , it will go forth to capricorn rashi as well. Finally this Jupiter transit will end to capricorn on 20th November at A. Moola to Purva Asadh — 4th January at P. After this , the jupiter will remain in this Nakshatra till 7 January at A. In this jupiter transit Guru Gochar , Jupiter will go retrograde too, which means it will change its direction of motion.

During retrograde, every planets becomes more closer to the earth. During this Jupiter Combust Asta Tara Doobna, you should not perform any religious or pious event like marriage. Below are th general results which you will get due to the Jupiter Transit Guru Gochar These results are based upon the rashi and bhav being activated by transit jupiter during its course. Aries Sign — Mesh Rashi Jupiter is transiting over the 9th house for natives having Aries as their ascendant.

Transiting Jupiter is having its aspect on 1st, 3rd and 5th houses. This is a very good position for Jupiter.

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This transit will give you positive results and positive direction to move ahead in life. If you are in a job then your long due pro motion could be yours for taking, you will be suitably rewarded and praised. Associates and colleagues will be favorably disposed towards you.

People running their own business will find that results are coming much to thei r satisfaction. Profits will increase and plans will fall in to place. Help from all quarters will pour in and surprise you pleasantly. Overall it will be a strong financial period for you and career growth will be smooth and effortless. You may have opportunities for extensive traveling , for learning and also for teaching others in either formal or an informal setting. As ninth house is the house of publishing and other communications media that reach the world at large if you are in this line then expect good gains.

Along with the possibility of travel to foreign countries, there is also the likelihood that you will become incr easingly involved with foreign persons or lands either in your business or in yo ur personal life. For these natives Jupiter is lord of 8th and 11th houses of their horoscope.

According to ancient hindu astrological texts available this transit will give malefic results to Taurus ascendants. The natives could face obstacles and hitch in their career and financial pursuits. Desired and expected result will elude you and give you enough of heart aches in Career related matters.

You may face sudd en and unexpected hindrances while achieving and striving for your goals. Stay a way from potentially risky ventures if you are running a business.

Mercury enters Scorpio on December 5, 12222, 10:34:15

Speculative a ctivities should be curbed and avoided at all costs. If you are expecting elevation or promotion in your career , then you may find the going not to your liking and your cherished wish may have to wait. Natives running their business in partnership could experience difficulties and feel that undesired misunderstanding between them and their partner s are crop ping up giving rise to argumentative situation.

Health could also be a cause for concern. Saving grace is that religious and spiritual activities could help you coming out of this situation to some extent. Being a benefic Jupiter will give it s grace even when it is not very good for you this year. For these natives Jupiter is lord of 7th and 10th houses of their horoscope. According to ancient Hindu astrological texts available this transit will give a uspicious results to Gemini ascendants. People who are expecting marriage should get a good match and proposals for their happy married life.

If you are married then expect happiness and contentment and good married life. This transit indic ates success in almost every sphere for you.

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Whether you are running your busine ss or working for someone this transit will be good for you. You d be appreciated for your hard work at office, your relations with superiors a nd colleagues will improve and your over all position at work should be strength ened. In case you are running your own business, then there are chances you d get new deals and gains in your undertakings this year. Profit will be in abundance. We will also discuss the impact of Jupiter Ketu conjunction, Mars Ketu conjunction, Mercury Ketu conjunction, Mercury Rahu conjunction, Venus Rahu conjunction, and Venus Ketu conjunction in , in your varshaphala reading.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses Analysis. We will also discuss the impact of eclipses in your astrology chart. There is a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini sign at 26 degrees on January 10, Jupiter will be retrograde from May 14, to September 13, Saturn will go retrograde from May 10, to September 28, Three Mercury Retrogrades Analysis.

Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius in November 12222:

There are three Mercury retrogrades in Mercury goes retrograde from February 16, to March 9, Mercury goes retrograde in conjunction with Rahu from June 17, — July 12, Mercury goes retrograde from October 13, to November 3, Venus goes retrograde from May 13, to June 25, Mars goes retrograde from September 9, to November 13, You can contact me for your varshaphala reading.

I wish everyone the best in Schedule Varshaphala Reading Name:. Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Oops, there was an error sending your message. Please try again later. Top Eighteen Accurate Predictions by Mr. Trump Impeachment Inquiry prediction.