Capricorn & Taurus

In each other, they find everything they need in a relationship and they treat one another the way they want to be treated. Capricorns will use all of their energy, strength and will-power to take their relationship on a high level that will enrich their lives and give new meaning. Oftentimes, their ambition and lust for life will be the reason for conflicts and with equally dangerous tempers, their fights and misunderstandings will be long-lasting and exhausting.

The Capricorn and Capricorn relationship is just as ambitious as these two are as individuals. With so many similarities on the table, this love match has a lot of aspects where the Sea Goats meet each other's needs perfectly. Although they are slow to start and may often lack initiative to pursue a love interest, they won't spare a single atom of energy to invest in the relationship once they find a worthy partner. These goal-oriented individuals always live by a long-term plan, so their partner must always fit into the picture.

When these workaholics close the bedroom door, they will have long, passionate and physically exhausting steamy sessions. Find out more on the unique Capricorn and Capricorn compatibility. When it comes to love, Capricorn is not the most expressive lover of the zodiac, simply because they have troubles recognizing and expressing their own feelings.

Whether it's a Capricorn and Capricorn friendship or a relationship, the goat will find it hard to admit that they actually have some sort of feelings for another person.

Capricorn and Capricorn Love Match

After a period of ignoring their feelings yet spending a lot of time and growing closer to a fellow Capricorn, they will realize that it is not that hard to admit their feelings and consequently, they will eagerly start planning their future together. Capricorns will easily understand each other's emotional side, but they will always have problems showing how they feel. When two partners don't show how they feel as it's the case with two Capricorns, problems arise. To avoid such problems, they should put their business ideas and ambitions aside from time to time and nurture each other's sensitive side instead.

Lack of emotions is often the reason for Capricorn's break ups, because every relationship depends on emotional depth. When two rational and cold control freaks like Capricorn come together in a romantic relationship, they will recognize each other's difficulty to express emotions and they won't be annoyed or bothered by that. As a matter of fact, it will be a huge relief for both that they don't have to deal with high emotional demands. Their inability to open up to their partner until the pressure disappears naturally and they feel safe and secure with each other won't be a problem for the patient and calm Capricorns.

Do Capricorn and Capricorn go together in sex life? Although it's hard to imagine the sex life of two Capricorns, their sexual encounters can be quite satisfying for them both once they move over from the initial awkwardness. Capricorn and Capricorn sexually make a great match where they both feel free to dive into their animal sexuality. When two Capricorns fall in love with each other, they create a romantic, dependable, warm, loyal and devoted couple, who understands and respects each other. Additionally, they share common goals; commitment, marriage, family, stability, and financial security.

Each partner sees themselves in the other.

Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility, Love, Sex, Life & Friendship

Both are:. Of course, Capricorn women and Capricorn men are a bit different, and it's likely those differences are what makes their relationship work. When two Capricorns join together, they are like two mountain climbers, tethered together, lending each other a helping hand to overcome difficulties, and cheering each other on to the top.

Capricorns are careful and practical when it comes to dating and love , they aim high and take their time. However, when they find the "one," they tend to be extremely passionate and romantic. As lovers, each needs their space and both are willing to give the space.

But, when they spend time together it will be quality time and both will have the other's full attention. Once a Capricorn overcomes their reserve, they are enthusiastic lovers. As a couple, Capricorns in love will understand each other's libido quite well and have a very active sex life.

Capricorns show their love through their actions and for both sex is the ultimate act of love. Few ever see the sensitive, gentle and tender side of the Capricorn, and yes it does exist.

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Capricorns always make lovely relationships with each other in all the cases. They know how to respect, understand and react and that makes them easy for each other. They are good friends, tuned up siblings, helpful colleagues but sometimes their ambition to reach the top can make them competitors but it is always a healthy competition, concerned relatives and definitely very compatible lovers.

As parents and children also they make wonderful bonding because all Capricorns treasure their family and respect their parents. If two Capricorns involve in any financial venture then it is sure to be a great success as they have the spirit to work hard and always love to be at the top. These two work very hard for what they have and want to achieve, but they do find some time to have fun. Even two Capricorns have some differences that are due to similar negative attitude they have.

They both are stubborn and inexpressive leaving room for a few arguments to take place. They can also be a bit selfish now and then. Capricorns do make mistakes and they quickly rise up from them.

But if one was to confront a Capricorn about their mistake, they never admit it. This frustrates the other Capricorn who cannot stand such behavior. But generally they can always give upon the minor differences and enjoy their well tuned melody! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How would you rate this relationship:. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting.

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