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The position of your moon sign in your horoscope is the second most important influence. While the sun sign is the part of you that others see, the moon sign is the part of you that you see. The moon stands for emotions, instincts and the unconscious.

Your moon personality is the one you keep hidden. When reading your horoscope it is often beneficial to read your sun sign in conjunction with your moon sign to get a fuller picture.

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Physicians of the medieval period, like Nostradamus, used their knowledge of astrology to treat patients. This is an illustration of the Ptolemaic system of astrology, created around by Andres Cellarius. Early astronomer-astrologers subscribed to the theory that the Earth is at the center, with planets in motion around the ecliptic. Greek astronomer Ptolemy published a comprehensive work called Almagest , with this geocentric model as the foundation. The Earth-as-center theory was challenged around the 17th-century by Copernicus and Galileo.

The geocentric model was replaced with the heliocentric model, one with the Sun at the center. A well-known illustration of the Copernican Model, with the celestial spheres moving around the Sun. De Revolutionibus Orbium Colelestium On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres was the culmination of his study of the planetary movements. He determined that the planets were orbiting the Sun, not the Earth. He also concluded that direct or retrograde movement of planets was an illusion from the perspective of a moving Earth, not from their own motion, as previously thought.

His theories kicked off their own revolution, and are considered a milestone in science.

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The Egyptians were influenced by Hellenistic Greek astrology at the time of its creation around 50 B. It was part of the ceiling at the Temple of Hathor, in a section devoted to Osiris. This gold-plated astronomical clock follows the Sun around the Zodiac. Above the clock are two statues that have been nicknamed, "i macc de le ure" or "the madmen of hours," who ring the bells on the hour. This astronomical clock from the Town Hall in Prague, Czech Republic, is like a mechanical astrolabe.

This is a close-up image of the Prague Orloj, or Astronomical Clock. The clock was first created in , with additions and repairs made over the centuries since then. There are three components of the clock, which is located at the Prague Town Hall. One is an astronomical clock, with hands following the Sun, Moon, and their movement through the Zodiac. There's also a calendar dial with gold medallions for of the months of the year. The Book of Fortune was first published in , but this is from a revised edition.

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The notion of fate determined by a wheel of fortune was popular in the late Medieval period to the Early Renaissance. This illustration shows the Sun at the center, with the Zodiac signs around the wheel. It was distributed in Catholic countries, like Italy, where the Book of Fortune was a popular bestseller.

It's called an astrarium and originally had an astrolabe, and calendar dials. The first was created in by scholar and physician, Jacopo de 'Dondi, but destroyed in fighting with Milan in The original had figures that moved to show the lunar aspects to the Sun.

The Zodiac is complete except for Libra, with its symbol the Scales. The story is that it was left out by guild workers who felt they were unfairly treated by the city commissioners.